About Silicon Business Systems

Technology needs to serve your needsSilicon Business Systems helps small and medium-sized businesses achieve their goals.  SBS has been providing solutions since 1998.

 “We solve the problem and delight you!”

We are passionate about technology. We love the state of the art solutions. We know when to apply good enough and when, and better, how to create new approaches to challenges. The underlying premise is to “solve the problem” and “delight you”.

“Loyal to your goals!”

We are particularly loyal to our client’s needs and goals! Our client’s needs and goals always override technology brands or methodologies. We know the value of thinking outside the box. We have the experience to know what it is like inside the box.

 “Experienced delivering Solutions!”

SBS has extensive experience in delivering enterprise and mission-critical systems. When we don’t know – we partner. We will find the best of breed provider and find the right approach to “solve the problem” and “delight you”.

Some of the services we offer –


Silicon Business Systems can answer your “How do I” questions, we can install the printer you just bought from Amazon, and tell you your laptop’s hard drive is about to fail.  We can do anything an IT department would do without the expense of full time employees and with the experience of dealing with many companies issues not just yours.

Do you have a great idea for an app?  We can get it developed and on sale.  We have done it.  Do you need a custom web application – we have built some really good ones.  Or do you simply need to know your business is disaster proof, we can help you figure that out.  We help companies ship orders, plan for new employees, protect them from disgruntled former employees.  

Do you need to send out an email newsletter, or marketing flyer?  Someone to help you put your logo on those business cards? Redesign your invoices?  Help you manage your brand?  We do this everyday for some of our clients.  For some we do it all, for some we work with their staff to fill in just the spots they are having trouble.

The Cloud is a great equalizer.  Small enterprises can offer services only available from mature companies. Mature companies can achieve the nimbleness of startups. The cloud can help your efforts in money, time, and produce amazing services.