Apple’s macOS 12 releases today

macOS Monterey

Apple’s long-anticipated macOS Monterey is scheduled to release today 10/25/21. Announced during Apple’s worldwide developer conference in June of 2021 and after a long public beta, the new macOS will release as version 12.01. All new operating systems releases require caution, and as always they offer compelling new features. Wait or go now! The long […]

Apple Updates

Apple Devices

Critical Apple updates have been published by Apple. Prompt updating of your critical devices is always recommended.

Why did Colonial Pipeline Pay the Ransom?

silhouette of person on window

Bloomberg recently detailed the circumstances of Colonial Pipeline’s payment to the hacking organization that brought down their pipeline. Why would a company decide it is in their best interest to pay a ransom? Company’s end up paying more often than one would think, they often do so, because restoring their business operations is critical and […]

The remote worker challenge

Working from Home

COVID-19 has certainly changed the way we work.  The global pandemic sent many of us home nearly a year ago and it does not seem like remote working is ending any time soon.  Many organizations are still struggling to make business processes and data remote.  The old standards for securing your workers technology are not […]

Ransomware Bites 400 Veterinary Hospitals — Krebs on Security

A New Post over at Krebs on Security: NVA said it discovered the ransomware outbreak on the morning of Sunday, Oct. 27, and soon after hired two outside security firms to investigate and remediate the attack. A source close to the investigation told KrebsOnSecurity that NVA was hit with Ryuk, a ransomware strain first spotted […]

Cybercrime is profitable

According to Experian Cybercrime generates 1.5 trillion dollars every year. The hackers are making a fortune. They go after the low hanging fruit, why bother with anything else – when it is so easy to have your bots find unpatched computers, servers, and software. The scripts are not trying to out-think anyone, not when a […]