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GoDaddy Breached 1.2M passwords Stolen

GoDaddy passwords for millions of accounts have been compromised. Change your GoDaddy based passwords immediately.
WordPress Developer

Wordfence is reporting that GoDaddy disclosed they have been breached. Wordfence is a security company focused on WordPress. The attackers had access to GoDaddy’s servers and files for 2 months. According to Wordfence sFtp passwords were stored in plaintext or another format that was easily usable by the hackers.

Wordfence is recommending that anyone using GoDaddy’s managed WordPress sites immediately change their passwords. If you have been affected by this breach – check your local regulatory requirements, you may be required to disclose the possible breach. If you need help assessing the breach’s impact or resetting your passwords you can contact us for help.

Silicon Business Systems offers WordPress support and Development and we can help you get off of GoDaddy – if that is your choice. The Wordfence report details recommended next steps one can follow.


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