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Install a Business Class Firewall

A firewall is essential business equipment if you need one. Does your organization need a firewall? Silicon Business System can install one that is easy to maintain, and easy on the budget.

Do you need a firewall? All small businesses are unique, and firewalls are complex products; however, some rules can make this decision easier. If you are keeping customer records on a computer in your office, you really should not be relying on a low priced home router. If you are expecting any internet traffic to access your office computers, you need a firewall. Lastly, if you have more than one coworker needing access to data or computers in your office get a firewall as soon as you can manage it.

Silicon Business System can help you with the decision if you are not certain. We install firewalls. If the client is uncomfortable monitoring the firewall, and keeping it up to date Silicon Business Systems will take on that responsibility for our clients. Sometimes the answer is to avoid the complexity and stick to firewall features included in a good home router for a small office. Sometimes it’s not and with short interview Silicon Business Systems can help you with that decision.


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