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It’s not personal, Hacker’s don’t have a grudge against you.

It's not personal

It’s not personal. Hacker’s are not targeting you specifically. Most cybercrime victims are found by hackers randomly. Sort of like winning the lottery in reverse. If you have not been the victim of cybercrime, you have been lucky. Thinking you have prepared enough, or that you have no data of value, or hackers have bigger targets in mind is lie you tell yourself at your peril.

Getting hacked is a combination of being found randomly and having a vulnerability that is easy to exploit. Hackers are not wasting time trying to crack the security of Fort Knox, not when passwords that, are common dictionary words, are guessable by their bots in a few seconds. Even better is popular software that is out of date, hackers will be able to bypass password security entirely.

Even if the computer compromised has no data of value, it has just become a bot on a botnet. That is a bot or robotically controlled computer, on a botnet, a network of bots. A bigger botnet will find more vulnerable computers faster. They don’t need the current one to make money. Eventually, they will find one that will be hacker gold.

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