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Managed Backup Service

Backups are so important, we can find a way to make this affordable.

SBS can make your backup planning a little easier. We can manage the entire process for your business. Our Managed Backup Service includes 2 hours of consulting on your backup planning, 2 hours of set up time.

We prefer Amazon’s S3/Glazier storage, but we can backup using most of the major cloud storage providers. Our consulting rates are heavily discounted (40% off) for backup plan creation, testing your backups, and of course, emergency restores.

We can find a way to make this affordable for any size business. The service has a $49.95 startup fee, and a monthly fee for each computer managed. The storage used is billed by Amazon or your choice of cloud storage provider. Monitoring a typical server’s backup is only $15/month. Maintaining a regular desktop’s backup is only $10 per month. The storage required for backup is very affordable, Amazon is only 2.3 cents for a gigabyte. We can give you an estimate of your expected costs.

If you rely on your computer for your profession, you should probably have a professional take care of this for you. Backing up is so important, we can find a way to this affordable.

Let’s talk about backups

Getting started is easy. Just schedule some time and we will find a way to get this done.


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