Organizations fail to implement basic cloud security tools – TechRepublic

Macy Bayern writing for Tech Republic:

Bitglass released a report on Tuesday revealing increased cloud adoption in the enterprise, with 86% of organizations having deployed cloud-based tools. Despite this increase, only 34% of companies said they have implemented single sign-on (SSO), one of the most basic but crucial cloud security tools, the report found.

Organizations large and small are adopting cloud based technologies. Even the largest organizations are finding it hard to adopt the security practices to adopt the new technology safely.

The cloud has the capacity to make Micro-Businesses, Mom and Pops, compete with the biggest Enterprises and because they only have to manage themselves and a small number of people – they could have a very big advantage.

Most of good security is cultural. With some practical guidance from Information Technology professionals any size business can accomplish their goals for the cloud.


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