The Plugable USB dock has been a reliable performer

Installing a docking station can make your laptop work just like a desktop with a full-size monitor, keyboard, and fast wired Ethernet connection to the network is a real productivity boost. The Plugable USB dock above (see link above) has been my goto for getting business laptop users an easy to connect desktop environment. It is inexpensive and reliable and has the most commonly needed connections.

The one downside to this kind of dock is you still have to plug in the power adapter to charge the laptop. The power adapter is one more thing that needs to be connected and probably will be forgotten as soon as one leaves the office. Nothing hurts like really needing to charge your laptop only to find the power adapter is sitting on your desk instead of in the laptop bag. I usually recommend purchasing a second power adapter just for the laptop bag.

However, I just ordered a new USB-C dock by Plugable for one of my clients. I am going to install it with a brand spanking new Lenovo e590 I mentioned a while ago. I have installed a few of these now, and they continue to impress. The nice feature of the new Plugable USB-C dock is that it can charge these USB-C based laptops. It allows for a clean desktop environment – with the added bonus of no second charger. I will update my opinion as soon as I have had a chance to install one. See the link below, if you are interested in this device.

Silicon Business Systems does hardware and software installs for our clients. Purchase from your favorite source and we will get it to work for you.


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