Germany battles Hydra

Germany seizes 2.3 Million from Hydra In a headline straight out of the Marvel Universe, is reporting “Germany takes down Hydra, world’s largest darknet market”.  According to Bleeping Computers article, German Authorities seized 543 bitcoins – thats 2.3 Million dollars by todays conversion rate. 

Short Passwords are Easier than ever to Hack


If you want to be successful online, it’s essential to take precautions to protect your personal information. Failing to do so can quickly ruin any progress you make. According to Hive Systems, advances in graphics processing technology have made it easier for hackers to crack passwords using brute force techniques. A recent report claims that […]

Bitwarden: Emergency Access


Bitwarden’s Emergency Access feature can help us manage our online lives securely and easily in case of an emergency. With so much of our lives online, life’s emergencies can be a challenge. Bitwarden is a password manager that helps users manage their online lives. It allows users to create and store passwords, and share passwords […]

Apple’s macOS 12 releases today

macOS Monterey

Apple’s long-anticipated macOS Monterey is scheduled to release today 10/25/21. Announced during Apple’s worldwide developer conference in June of 2021 and after a long public beta, the new macOS will release as version 12.01. All new operating systems releases require caution, and as always they offer compelling new features. Wait or go now! The long […]

Can We Stop Pretending SMS Is Secure Now? — Krebs on Security

selective focus photography of person holding gray phone

Krebs writing for Krebs on Security: SMS text messages were already the weakest link securing just about anything online, mainly because there are tens of thousands of employees at mobile stores who can be tricked or bribed into swapping control over a mobile phone number to someone else. Now we’re learning about an entire ecosystem […]